Maya Golight

Genfødt is the name of Maya's company, which was founded during school in 2015 on the training as a textile agent at Håndarbejdets Fremme. Genfødt has a passion for sustainability and lots of play.

Maya is fond of adventure and loves to invite along on her Instagram. Both out on a treasure hunt for used gold and in the workshop where it gets new life. She is attracted to cases with history and beautiful color combinations.

Her clients are creative, fun people, with some kind of aesthetic sense. They make each other happy and have a playful and adventurous approach to problems that need to be solved. In addition, they are the most important thing in all of Genfødt. Without customers; no re-made production.

At ÄGTE, we are proud to work with Maya on the "Genfødt" mobile, which is a tribute to her mantra: "Genfødt - WE DO REDO".



Graphic artist and illustrator, Monika Petersen creates modern art by working in linoleum prints.

Monika Petersen was educated in England at St. Martin's College of Art and Design.

Monika Petersen's favorite subject for her art is the beautiful iconic shapes and structures found in nature. With a neat precision that characterizes the hundreds of cuts needed to complete each individual linoleum sheet, Monika makes an apple, an artichoke or a leaf appear almost three-dimensional on the paper.

ÄGTE is proud to work with Monika on the execution of "Chinese Lantern" which is inspired by one of her classic linoleum works of the same name.